On Friends

Who dares come uninvited into my heart!

Barging through the double doors of my mind,

and constructing an impermeable fortress in my thoughts.

Only a person so despicable as you

could ever conduct this act of trespassing.

You have stolen away at night

with a piece of me,

and left a statue in your remembrance.

Treachery is your sword and,

I, the unwitting target.

Is it masochistic to say that I love the way the pointed edge feels?

Is it masochistic to say that I love the times we spent together?

Although they seem to dissolve like the root beer candies that would stick to our tongues…

Is it sadistic to hope that I have made monsoons fall from your eyes?

I hope you left in the same mindset as I,

waiting for the next time.


On Friends

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