It’s Been Awhile.


I am terrible at updating this blog.

I apologize, friend.

Taking this website too seriously has led to its temporary demise. ¬†The more criticizing and meticulous I am about my writing, the less I publish. ¬†To be frank, I have a smorgasbord of article drafts written, just without the confidence to publish them. ¬†I am terrified of the permanence of the Web. ¬†Nothing is meant to last forever, although, that statement is proven erroneous in the Digital Age. ¬†Nonetheless, I will strive to write and publish at least one article a week. ¬†Anything more will be a bonus. ¬†Be prepared for some egregious outlines; some unfiltered language; please don’t eviscerate me in the comments. ¬†If I love to write, then write I shall! ¬†This blog was designed for the public, when all along, the stories were my own.

Update 12/4/16

I am now in Milan, couch surfing with a friend that I met in Istanbul. ¬†As early as last night, the plan had been to head south to Sel√ßuk, Turkey on the overnight bus, but a problem loomed large: my bus left an hour earlier than expected, leaving me at the bus station dumbfounded and slightly buzzed. ¬†Fate works in mysterious ways, such as bringing me to Milan to reacquaint myself with a new friend. ¬†After the catastrophe at the bus station, I called my friend at the hostel and he secured me a place to sleep for the night. ¬†If you ever go to Istanbul, I highly recommend Hostel Big Apple ( ¬†You’ll book with one of two owners, either Aslan or Dan. ¬†Both are the homies, for real – mind my colloquial American speech. ¬†Tell them Christian recommended this place, and a conversation will inevitably (hopefully) materialize. ¬†Anyways, I return to the hostel and am greeted with expressions of mass confusion. ¬†I had dramatized¬†a grand goodbye, which made explaining my mishap all the more embarrassing. ¬†Nonetheless, the friendly atmosphere of the hostel welcomed me back for the night. ¬†For hours, I was lost as to where I should go. ¬†Should I continue on the path already planned, or diverge to new pavements? ¬†I had a friend that was willing to travel to Olympos on the Southwestern Coast of Turkey, mainly because I had relentlessly talked about it throughout El Clasico. ¬†I was tempted to go, but temptations do not necessarily transpire. ¬†Instead, I booked a ticket to Milan at 4AM. ¬†Here I am now, awake at 3:06AM, stroking Rufio’s fur. ¬†As¬†a warranted disclosure, Rufio is my friend’s cat. ¬†I believe I have a plan now, but I will keep it secured in my mind and notebook until I act on it. ¬†I will be in Milan for only a day until I travel North. ¬†The plan for tomorrow is to attend a festival outside of Milan, one that was disclosed to me over gooey pizza and creamy risotto tonight. ¬†Don’t get me started on Italian food. ¬†It is my new passion, my everything, reinvigorating memories of Grandma’s house when I was little.

Anyways, I just wanted to update this blog since it has been over a month since I published a post.  As informal as this post is, this format will be seen again in the future.  As I stated in the first article that I wrote (, this website will and does consist of an eclectic mix of writing.  Buckle up and prepare for the joy ride.

It’s Been Awhile.